Part 1: Coffee and Behania hurt ZJ’s feet with Lego blocks

(January 3, 2019)

Coffee: Man, we can't believe everyone made fun of us and beated us up at school just because ZJ put diapers on us! What are we going to do instead of sitting here, watching Maple Town?

Behania: I know Coffee. We will because go to The Twin Lakes and hurt ZJ’s feet with Lego blocks and attack him for not letting us get Sausage Party, Happytime Murders and Skunk Fu DVDs and for putting diapers on us for no reason.

Coffee: That's a good idea Behania!

Behania: Let's go now.

[Cut to: ZJ’s room at the Twin Lakes. We see pictures of himself, The Lightness Six, Mavericks, Emily Bunny, Dorothy The Cat, The Gaurdian Six, Lifeless Six, and The Wonder Pets hung on the wall, ZJ’s Adlet toy made out of clay and done in paint, Pokémon toys in his toy box, and his laptop charging on his bedside table with some art supplies. We see ZJ sleeping in his turquoise blanketed bed with his Tiny Castle Baby Rakshasha/Tigress plush in his arms.]

Coffee: Here we are Behania.

Behania: Coffee, is it now the time to put the Lego blocks on the ground?

Coffee: Yes.

[Coffee then gets the Lego blocks out and spreads the red, yellow, green, and blue Lego blocks all around the ground]

[Coffee and Behania hide under ZJ’s bed when they saw ZJ getting out of bed after yawning and stretching his arms only wearing his pajamas]

Coffee: Let's see how painful it's going to be for ZJ when he steps on some Lego blocks.

[ZJ is about to walk to the bathroom to take a hot bath. But something prevented him from walking to the bathroom when he heard something below his feet]

Coffee: Ha! (X40)

Behania: Hey ZJ! Look at your feet, that's what you get for putting diapers on us and for forgetting to put on your footwear.

ZJ: (Cries in ShyGirl voice). (Changes to Zack voice) Coffee and Behania, why would you do this to me? I thought we were friends.

Behania: It doesn't matter! This is what you get for not letting us have Skunk Fu and Adult oriented plus porn stuff and for putting diapers on us for no reason!

Coffee: Now, we will attack you!

[Coffee and Behania began brutally attacking ZJ. The action is blocked and censored.]


Coffee: Now to finish you off with M4A1s!!

Behania: Yeah! Prepare to die!!

[Coffee and Behania pulled out their M4A1s and are ready to finish off ZJ by killing him]

ZJ: No! (X50) Please don't ever kill me!!

Coffee: Oh yes we are, we're going to shoot you once and for all!!

Behania: Prepare to die!!


Emily Bunny: Both of you, stop right there!

Eloise Bunny: Both of you, drop the guns right now!!

Angela Koala: We knew you both hurt ZJ’s feet with Lego blocks and you both are in huge amount of dead meat now!!!

[The Emily and her friends soon surrounded Coffee and Behania and began violently attacking them. The TV static occurs followed by the technical difficulties sign. The Iris out effect with the sound from Super Mario World plays]

Part 2: Coffee and Behania get sent to Brazil/Coffee and Behania arrive at Brazil and get chased by a jaguar

[Coffee and Behania are in the car with Tina driving to the GoAnimate City International Airport]

Coffee: Tina, where are me and Behania going?!

Tina: You both are going to Brazil for your punishments. You both better not escape from Brazil, or else you both will be grounded longer.

[We cut: to the GoAnimate City International Airport]

Airport Manager: Can I help you?

Tina: I would like to have two tickets for the flight to Brazil for Coffee and Behania.

Airport Manager: Okay. They will go to the waiting corner.

[Coffee and Behania went to the waiting corner]

Woman on PA: Flight 998 to São Paulo, Brazil now boarding at Gate C-12.

Security Guard: Please put all of the metal objects in this container.

(1 minute later)

Security Guard: Thank you.

Airbus A380 Pilot: Welcome to Flight 998. Flight time from GoAnimate City, USA to São Paulo, Brazil is ? hours and ? minutes. Don't worry, we will arrive in Brazil in no time. Enjoy your flight.

(? hours and ? minutes later)

Coffee: Why did we get sent to Brazil for nothing?

Behania: I agree with Coffee.

Woman on PA: Welcome to São Paulo, Brazil, no parking is allowed.

(6 minutes later)

[A jaguar appears and is ready to attack Coffee and Behania]

Coffee: Oh no! Get away from us you big jaguar!

(Coffee and Behania run away as the jaguar chases Coffee and Behania)

Transcript Finale: Foot treatment and nail makeover

[We see ZJ still wearing his pajamas while on his bed with an ice pack on his feet to remove the cuts and bruises]

(In Progress)

Martha Sapphire: ZJ, can you show the soles of your feet to make sure there's no cuts, scratches, bruises, or burnts.

(ZJ shows the bottom of his feet in which the bottoms of his feet are smelly)

Martha Sapphire: Woah! You're feet are really smelly, let's clean your feet up before we paint your fingernails and toenails a cyan color.

(Eloise Bunny then gets the powder out)

ZJ: Eloise, where did you get the powder from, you don’t need to use it for my bottom since i’m too old and don’t wear nappies, right?

Eloise: Well, it's going to be used to decrease athlete's foot infection and to fight against the foot odor.

(Eloise puts the baby powder on ZJks feet as we zoom into his foot with the blue, sky blue, pink, dark green, light orange, purple and green germ monsters causing ZJ’s foot fungus to encounter the baby powder)

Blue germ monster: Gah! The baby powder is coming after us!

Sky blue germ monster: Let's get out of here!

Pink germ monster: Yeah! I agree with the little sky blue germ monster, we have to evacuate before we become nothing but dust.

Purple germ monster: All germ monsters! Stop making the fungus on ZJ’s feet.

Green germ monster: Run away!

Light orange germ monster: We can't take it much longer, this baby powder is too much for us!

(The Germ monsters get destroyed as ZJ’s feet no longer smell like nothing but blue raspberry and the athlete's foot infection is gone)

Emily Bunny: Now to scrub your feet.

[Emily Bunny scrubs ZJ’s feet with soapy water]

Leo Bunny: Now to dry the wetness and bubbles off your feet.

(Leo Bunny uses a towel to dry the wetness and bubbles off ZJ’s feet)

Diane Duck: Let's cure the scratches on your feet with healing cream and a cotton ball.

[Diane Duck uses healing cream on a cotton ball to cure the scratches on ZJ’s feet]

(In Progress)