This is an ungrounded video by SaveUmsFan2004.


  • Jennifer as Custard
  • Young Guy as Evil Custard
  • Kimberly as Wave the Swallow
  • Joey as the Television Announcer
  • Princess as Azura
  • Eric as Ike


Evil Custard: I wonder if Sausage Party is on.

Television Announcer: We interrupt this program to give you a message that Sausage Party has been killed by Azura. So Sausage Party will not be shown on HBO anymore. If you want to watch it, get it on DVD. Let's skip to Coco.

Evil Custard: (in his TV show voice) Noooooooooooooooooooo!!

[Custard walks up to Evil Custard]

Custard: Evil me, what's wrong? Why are you crying?

Evil Custard: Sausage Party is dead.

Custard: Cool. You deserve it.

Evil Custard: (Baragon roar) I LIKE SAUSAGE PARTY!! NOT COCO!!

Custard: Evil me, you can only watch some shows not pornographic. Also, you can eat vegetables and fruits! Why? Because they will make you grow big and strong like Dragon Kamui from Fire Emblem Fates.

Evil Custard: Yuck! I hate vegetables and fruits! I wish you were sent to the prehistoric times where you get dumped into the volcano and eaten by dinosaurs!

[Custard gets angry and his eyes glow purple]

Custard: (SpaceGodzilla roar) EVIL ME, HOW DARE YOU WISH ME SENT TO THE PREHISTORIC TIMES?!! THAT'S IT!! I'M GETTING WAVE TO SPANK YOU!! (normal voice) Wave the Swallow, spank my evil clone!

[Wave appears]

Wave: Prepare to get your bottom spanked.

[Wave spanks Evil Custard as the dust cloud forms]

Wave: I hope you taught a lesson for becoming a fan of Sausage Party!

[Azura and Ike walk up to Wave and Custard]

Azura: Wave, thank you for spanking Evil Custard. He is the worst evil clone ever.

Ike: Custard, thank you for disrespecting your evil clone's sadness. He is the worst evil clone ever. You two are ungrounded.

Azura: You can watch some shows that Luna likes.

Custard: Thank you, Dad and Mom! You are cool!

Ike: As for you, Wave. You can watch some shows that Luna likes.

Wave: Thank you, Ike and Azura! You are great!