This is an ungrounded video by BlueKraid.


Evil Custard's punishment for killing Rocket Power was he gets killed by Custard.


  • Tween Girl as Custard.
  • Eric as Evil Custard.
  • Kimberly as Luna Minami.
  • Young Guy as Rei Kobayashi.


Custard: Evil Custard, how dare you kill Rocket Power! You know it was Johnny's favorite show! That's it! I will kill you with my green chainsaw.

Evil Custard: Please no, Custard! Do not kill me!

Custard: Too bad, Evil Custard. Now die.

[Custard kills Evil Custard with his green chainsaw]

[Evil Custard was dead]

Custard: Hooray! I killed Evil Custard!

[Cut to the living room]

Luna: Custard, thank you for killing Evil Custard. He deserves it for killing Rocket Power.

Rei: You are ungrounded. For your reward, you can watch some shows made by Konami, Bemani, and Dimension Films.

Custard: Thank you, Dad and Mom! You are nice!