This is a nightmare video by Princess Davidddizor.


Derek Vons was having a nightmare about getting sent to the Nether World where the Zombie Pigmen slaughter him. So his parents calm him down by having him to watch Funday Funnies.


  • Young Guy as Derek Vons.
  • Wiseguy as Zombie Pigman.
  • African Vulture as Mrs Heimler.
  • Kendra as Noodle.


[We see Derek's bedroom; Derek walks up to the bed]

Derek: Gee, i am so tired. I might as well go to sleep.

[Derek goes to sleep]

[Dream starts]

[We see Noodle and Derek by the Minecraft portal]

Noodle: Go in now!

Derek: No! I'm a good soldier, you cannot let me go there. Jazzi was supposed to go in there!

Noodle: Okay, i will push you in then.

[Noodle pushes Derek into the Minecraft portal]

Derek: (screaming in Johnny Test's voice) Nooooooooooooooooooo!!

[Cut to: Derek in the Nether World]

Derek: I cannot believe I have to go to the Nether World.

[The Zombie Pigmen walk in]

Zombie Pigman: We are the Zombie Pigmen. Do you have anything to say?

Derek: I do not want to die.

Zombie Pigman: Okay, you asked for it!

[The Zombie Pigmen began attacking Derek with swords. The dust cloud forms as Derek screams]

[Dream ends]

(Derek screams)

(Derek's parents walk in and see Derek crying and sobbing)

Mr Vons: Derek, what's wrong?

Derek: I've got sent to the Nether World to get killed by the Zombie Pigmen.

Mrs Vons: Do not worry, Derek. Noodle should be grounded, and he should watch shows and films not made by Konami, Bemani, and Dimension Films, play video games and cd roms not made by Konami, Bemani, and Dimension Films, and listen to music not made by Konami, Bemani, and Dimension Films. Eva should save you from going to the Nether World. Come on, Derek. Let's go downstairs and you will watch Funday Funnies.