Gregory's mom (Shally)-Kate

Pinocchio-Young Guy/Charlie






Gregory's dad (Jake)-James


Gregory doesn't get what they want and Jake and Shally are in their adult looks.


Shally: What's wrong Gregory? Why are you mad?

Gregory: Everyone in school had Super Smash on the Wii U and I don't! Can we go to GameStop?

Shally: Okay.

(at game stop)

Shally: What would you like?

Gregory: I would like Super Smash on the Wii U please.

Shally: Oh no! $399! That's too much!

Gregory: Come on! 

Shally: Don't feel bad. How about Arthur's Sandcastle Contest instead? 

Gregory: Really?! Arthur's Sandcastle Contest! No one cares about that dumb game anymore!

Shally: Gregory, stop giving me an attitude! You can either have Arthur's Sandcastle Contest or else you will have nothing!

Gregory: Then I'm going to make an earthquake at GameStop right now!

Pinocchio: Oh no! He made an earthquake! I gotta get out of here!

Alice: I'm coming Pinocchio!

Announcer: Attention shoppers! An earthquake has occured! Please evacuate the building!

Alexander: I'm coming Katniss!

Katniss: Wait for me!

Shafer: Wait for me, Alexandria! I don't want to die!

(at home)

Jake: I'm back from work but what happened here Shally? I see that Gregory is crying. I hope he didn't cause any trouble.

Shally: Well Jake, you will be ultra furious when I tell you! He caused an earthquake at GameStop all because he couldn't get Super Smash for the Wii U and not only we're banned from coming to GameStop for life, but we also have to pay for the damages!

Jake: Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh! Gregory, how dare you make an earthquake at GameStop?! You're very lucky you didn't get arrested but you're grounded grounded grounded until the store gets fixed! Go to your room now!

Gregory (running upstairs): Will do Dad!