Jazzi and Custard Kill Caillou/Ungrounded was a GoAnimate Video with the transcript and plot by Davidddizor.


Jazzi and her brother Custard are angry to find out that Caillou was on PBS. So they decided to kill Caillou and when SallyJones1998 realizes that it was cancelled, Luna Minami and Rei Kobayashi unground them and reward them with Caillou's Hoilday Movie on DVD.


  • Ivy as Jazzi.
  • Tween Girl as Custard.
  • Kimberly as Luna Minami.
  • Joey as Television Announcer.
  • David as Caillou.
  • Eric as Boris.
  • Young Guy as Rei Kobayashi.
  • Julie as SallyJones1998.


Jazzi: Let's see what's on PBS.

Television Announcer: And now, Caillou. On PBS.

Custard: What?

Jazzi: Caillou was stupid. I think we should kill him.

Custard: Yeah.

[Jazzi and Custard jump into the television screen]

Caillou: I am just a kid who was four. (becomes shocked) Hey, Jazzi and Custard. What are you doing?

Jazzi: We are going to kill you!

Caillou: Please no! Please do not kill me!

Custard: Too bad.

[Jazzi and Custard kill Caillou]

Custard: You hate us, we hate you, let's kill Caillou because he stinks. With a two slice, three slice, four slice, and one. Won't you say that we hate you?

[Caillou was dead]

Custard: Ka bong!! Caillou was dead.

Jazzi: Hi yah!! I agree with you, Custard.

[Boris walks up to Caillou]

Boris: Jazzi and Custard, i am so proud of you killing Caillou. Now we can make peace without him. Thank you, Jazzi and Custard.

[Jazzi and Custard jump back into the living room]

[SallyJones1998 was sitting in the couch]

SallyJones1998: I wonder if Caillou was on.

Television Announcer: We interrupt this program to give you a message that Caillou was killed. So Caillou will not be renewed for a seventh season. Also, Caillou was not coming up. Let's skip to Dinosaur Train.

SallyJones1998: Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!! Nooooooooooooooo!! Caillou! Wa wa waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!

[Luna and Rei show up]

Rei: SallyJones1998, what's wrong?

SallyJones1998: Caillou was dead.

Jazzi: Well, that's what you get for ripping things off.

SallyJones1998: Jazzi and Custard, you should be in dead meat!

Custard: Shut up, SallyJones1998! You will only watch Sausage Party.

SallyJones1998: You will pay for this! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!

Luna: Jazzi and Custard, We are proud of you killing Caillou. You know he was a bad loser. You are ungrounded.

Rei: For your reward, you can watch Caillou's Holiday Movie on DVD.

Custard: Thank you, Dad and Mom!

Jazzi: You are the best, Daddy and Mommy!