This is a nightmare video made by BlueKraid.


Karl Hamburger was having a nightmare about COC* A EGG UR beating him up. So his parents calm him down by having him to watch The New Adventures of the Little Koala.


  • French Fry as Karl Hamburger.
  • Catherine as Mrs Hamburger.
  • Brian as Mr Hamburger.
  • Tween Girl as Custard.
  • Diesel as COC* A EGG UR.


[We see Karl's bedroom; Karl walks up to the bed]

Karl: I am so tired. I might as well go to sleep.

[Karl goes to sleep]

[Dream starts]

Custard: Karl, you are grounded until Foo's 3rd birthday. And for that, COC* A EGG UR was going to beat you up. COC* A EGG UR, beat up Karl.

[COC* A EGG UR appears]

COC* A EGG UR: Prepare for some bleeding.

[COC* A EGG UR beats up Karl, causing Karl to scream in pain]

[Dream ends]

[Karl wakes up screaming]

[Karl's parents walk in and see Karl crying and sobbing)

Mrs Hamburger: Karl, what's wrong?

Karl: I've got beaten up by COC* A EGG UR.

Mr Hamburger: Do not worry, son. COC* A EGG UR should be grounded, and he should watch shows and films not pornographic, play video games and cd roms not pornographic, and listen to music not pornographic. Margret should save you from being beaten up by COC* A EGG UR. Come on, son. Let's go downstairs and you will watch The New Adventures of the Little Koala.