BlueKraidCustardCustard disrespects Evil Custard's sadness/Ungrounded
Custard disrespects his evil clone's sadness/UngroundedCustard kills Evil Custard/UngroundedDerek's Nightmare
Evil Custard gets grounded for Ultraplex EternityEvil Foo and Evil Noodle call Little Hans a crybaby during Inside Out/GroundedEvil Hans Heimler Gets Grounded for Eternity
Evil Jazzi gets grounded for ultraplex eternityFooFoo and Custard tickle Hans
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Good guys and bad guys (Luna's version)Gregory misbehaves at GameStopHaley's nightmare
Hans HeimlerHans and his friends go to the luauJazzi and Custard behave at Burger King
Jazzi and Custard kill Caillou/UngroundedJazzi and Custard tickle DerekJazzi and Noodle behave at Johnny Rockets
Jazzi and Noodle tickle KarlJazzi beats up Evil Custard/UngroundedKa Chung
Karl's nightmareLaura sings Ice Charades/UngroundedLittle Hans Heimler
Luna comforts Barney MartinMartin, Philip, Roland and Rosie go to the movies/Evil Foo gets sent to ScotlandNew on Wikia starter pages
News and AnnouncementsNoodleNoodle Behaves at Robin Williams' funeral/Ungrounded
Noodle Salutes on Johnny Test/UngroundedNoodle beats up Evil Noodle/UngroundedNoodle sings the Married with Children theme song/Ungrounded
Princess Davidddizor calls Jazzi a crybaby during Epic/Spanked by Jet the HawkQuestions and AnswersRalph, Philip, Roland and Jane go to the movies/Evil Jazzi gets sent to the Pride Lands
Ralph tickles HansRockingRalphFTW MarkDeatonFTLRoobear sings Rise Like a Phoenix/Ungrounded
SallyJones1998 Tickle Tortures Little Hans/Jazzi and Noodle Get GroundedSallyJones1998 fails the test/Beaten up by Jet the HawkSallyJones1998 forces Hans to shoot Derek, Karl, and Oscar/Grounded
The Attackers with Glowing EyesThe Good Guys and the Bad GuysThe Save-Ums' nightmare
Victor and Hugo get Johnny Test Super Smarty Pants on DVD/Evil Jazzi and Evil Noodle get spanked by Jet and Wave
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