Noodle Behaves at Robin Williams' funeral/Ungrounded was a GoAnimate special with the transcript and plot of it made by SallyJones1998.


Noodle was told by his parents, Azura and Ike, that he has to come with them to Robin Williams' funeral because Robin died from heart failure. When they get there, Noodle says that Robin was the best actor. Then, Azura and Ike unground Noodle. Then, Bubbles8218 gets angry at Noodle's girlfriend, Jazzi, and attacks her, causing her to cry. Bubbles8218's parents ground her and force her to watch some shows and films she hates, play video games and cd roms she hates, and listen to music she hates. Then, Jazzi's parents, Luna Minami and Rei Kobayashi, comfort Jazzi and tell her how bad Bubbles8218 was. They tell her that Noodle was making her some fries and macaroni and cheese. Then, Luna and Rei put Jazzi to bed.


  • Kendra as Noodle.
  • Princess as Azura.
  • Eric as Ike and Rocking Ralph.
  • Ivy as Jazzi.
  • Julie as Bubbles8218.
  • Susan as Bubbles8218's mom.
  • Paul as Bubbles8218's dad.
  • Joey as the Priest.