Noodle Salutes on Johnny Test/Ungrounded was a GoAnimate special with the transcript and plot of it made by BlueKraid.


Noodle decides to salute on Johnny Test, Rita's favorite show. Then, Rita ungrounds him.


  • Kendra as Noodle.
  • Kayla as Rita.


Noodle: Hello, my name is Noodle. I am a six year old cool warthog Save Um. And today, i will salute on Johnny Test.

[Noodle walks up to the camera]

Noodle: Johnny Test? Oh yes! Less like Creepy Pest. It's Rita's favorite show on Cartoon Network. Johnny was a nice eleven year old boy. He likes to be with Dukey. Johnny was not a crybaby. He was a non crybaby. I hope it does not get cancelled. End of salute.

[Noodle walks away from the camera]

[Rita walks up to Noodle]

Rita: Noodle, thank you for saluting on Johnny Test. It was my favorite show. You are ungrounded. For your reward, you can watch some deleted music videos by African Vulture.

Noodle: Thank you, Rita. You are the best.