Noodle beats up Evil Noodle/Ungrounded was a GoAnimate special with the transcript and plot of it made by Davidddizor.


Evil Noodle's punishment for killing Cochrane-A was he gets beaten up by Noodle.


  • Kendra as Noodle.
  • Brian as Evil Noodle.
  • Princess as Azura.
  • Eric as Ike.


Noodle: Evil Noodle, how dare you kill Cochrane-A! You know he was cool. That does it! I will beat you up!

Evil Noodle: Please no, Noodle! Please do not beat me up!

Noodle: Too bad, Evil Noodle.

[Noodle gets out his purple chainsaw and beats up Evil Noodle]

[Evil Noodle starts crying and sobbing]

Noodle: That's what you get for killing Cochrane-A.

[Cut to the living room]

Ike: You deserve it, Evil Noodle!

Azura: How dare you kill Cochrane-A! You know he was cool.

Ike: You are grounded for megaplex eternity! Go to bed right now!

Evil Noodle: (in Johnny Test's voice) Nooooooooooooooooo!!

Ike: Noodle, thank you for beating up Evil Noodle. He deserves it for killing Cochrane-A. You are ungrounded. You can watch some deleted music videos by African Vulture.

Noodle: Thank you, Dad, Mom! You are the best!