The Save-Ums are no longer troublemakers. Anyways, they have a bad dream.


Jazzi (Emma)

Foo (Ivy)

Noodle (Kendra)

Ka-Chung (Amy)

Custard (Jennifer)

B.B. Jammies (Shy Girl)

Azura (Princess)

Luna (Kimberly)


Jazzi: I'm tired.

Foo: Me too.

Noodle: Me three.

Ka-Chung: Me four.

Custard: Me five.

B.B. Jammies: And me six.

(The Save-Ums fall asleep)

Azura: You are all grounded for nothing! I'm calling the visitors to come here!

(15 minutes later)

Azura: You have some visi-

(The Save-Ums wake up screaming and crying in their TV show voices)

Luna: What's wrong everyone? Why are you all crying?

Jazzi: Oh Luna, we had a nightmare.

Custard: Our mom grounded us for nothing.

Foo: And we got punished by the visitors.

Luna: Don't worry. It was all a dream. Nothing bad will happen to you.